G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚

A long long time ago…. G Men was actually located in Continental Plaza but I guess there wasn’t much enough hustle and bustle there to really take off. I remembering being devastated when I found out they were leaving, I mean where would I get legit Japanese ramen in Richmond anymore? Apparently my prayers were answered around a year and half ago when they re opened under a new name- NanChuu, still run by the same company though.

I’m glad to say that they’re food quality hasn’t changed, it’s still heavily flavoured soup bases and chewy ramen but with a lot more variety than the previous store. Ever since this place opened up on Alexandra Rd (busy busy busy), I’ve been glad to call it my go-to ramen place 🙂 I think I’ve eaten almost everything on their ramen menu…and I think that says something about the consistency and quality of their food. The more “regular” ramen (Shoyu, Miso,Shio) are just as strong as you would expect them to be and are definitely good choices to order if you’re just looking for a good ol’ bowl of ramen. Where G Men sets apart itself from the rest is with their specialty ramen such as the RCMP ramen and Miso Cheese Kimchi Ae Soba, both unique and delicious in their own way. (Ramen ranges from $8.75-$10)


Miso Cheese Kimchi Ae Soba

Miso Cheese Kimchi Ae Soba

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An izakaya isn’t an izakaya when you don’t serve a variety of drinks and appetizer-like plates but don’t worry, this place has you covered. Both the izakaya and drink menu don’t fall too short of expectations as you can find most of the items you would expect to see anywhere else (like Guu and whatnot). These dishes can range from $3-$12 depending on what you order.

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I think the only downside to this place is that its located on the busiest non-main-street in Richmond-Alexandra, which is poorly equipped with enough parking spots to cater to the amount of hungry Richmonders who come here every night to feast. With a high chance of filled restaurants and parking spots, be sure to plan accordingly!

Food quality: 9.5/10 (I love ramen. Ramen is my one true love and I approve of this place. Haha)

Service: 9.5/10

Atmosphere: 9/10 (Sometimes because it’s too crowded, it gets loud, service obviously slows down but at least the staff is always just as polite and nice 🙂 I love the decor here though! It feels like a homey noodle shop you’d find in Tokyo (experience guys, I’ve been there) with wooden tables, cushioned seating topped with warm and welcoming Japanese staff. )

Price/affordability: 8.5/10 (I wouldn’t say that this place is a steal by any means but I think for the quality, service, decor, the whole experience you get for the price you pay is not all that bad.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Well I’ve already said that I come here too often for my own good…but definitely give this place a visit if you haven’t already! 🙂


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