Burgers burgers burgers…

So I’ve been a fan of In N Out burgers since the first time I visited San Fran last year and clearly nothing has been able to satisfy my taste buds ever since….until now.. maybe. But good news Vancouver, there’s a pretty decent substitute for burger lovers if you haven’t already known – Hamburger $2.85! And just as the name says, the burger is just $2.85 ($3 after tax) with the cheeseburger only being $3.50. You’d think that for ~$2.85, you woudn’t get much but think again, cause this is no bite sized burger. For a loonie and a toonie, you get two nicely grilled buns, literally half a head of fresh crispy lettuce, a thick slice of tomato and a juicy beef patty all glazed with a distinct Japanese sauce (am I the only one who tastes wasabi in it?). Never mind the mushroom melts from Triple Os or Prime Chophouse Burger from Red Robins, Hamburger $2.85 is the one. Sure it’s not elaborately packed with bacon, mushrooms or lobster but it really gives new life to the simple and classic burger without being plain about it.

Hamburger $2.85

Hamburger $2.85

Now let’s compare that to my previous love….

In N Out

In N Out

In N Out burgers really ARE good, I mean they’re heaven but I can’t afford to fly to the states every time I want one so I think I’ll gladly settle for the Hamburger $2.85 while I wait for my next trip 🙂


Food quality: 10/10 (I need more of this in my life. Will they do delivery? haha 🙂 )

Service: N/A (It’s a food truck! But the staff is polite and friendly. )

Atmosphere: N/A (..it’s a food truck.)

Price/affordability: 10/10 (This is like…American food affordable. I love it. $3, taxes included, gets you a crazy amount of FRESH goodness. The massive amount of lettuce was definitely a big plus for me.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Uhm YES, I’ll be coming here every time I pass by to get on the bus to school. If you haven’t been here…..wait, why haven’t you been here already?


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And if for some reason you haven’t tried In N Out burgers a try….you better book your next trip to America soon

check them out at one of their many locations


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