So I’m live blogging for the first time! (Blogging while eating at the place I’m writing about) I’ve been on the hunt for cafes to study and have a nice drink at after class so…here I am at my first stop! Coffeebar is located in the middle section of Gastown, just a bit of a walk away from the Waterfront skytrain station. In such a trendy area, it’s no surprise that the atmosphere at Coffeebar is nothing less than cool and quirky. The cafe provides plenty of seating (and free WiFi!) and is furnished with all sorts of rustic, stylish chairs and wall decorations. I particularly like the seating in the back which is surrounded by fully glass walls. Nothing beats a bit of natural light when you’re studying!

2014-02-20 15.53.23

As for food, I decided to get a regular Earl Grey loose leaf tea and a peanut butter cookie. So here’s where my problem starts. On the menu, it says that regular tea costs around $2.86 so I was surprised when I saw the price for a large tea (~$3.50) entered into the register. I told her that I wanted a regular, but she kept insisting that they didn’t sell regular teas….despite it being right there on their menu. She asked her coworker beside her who didn’t understand why they didn’t regular tea wasn’t available either. So either I was scammed…or they really need to change/update their menu to avoid customer confusion. Anyways, the total for my food was roughly $7.50 which in my opinion is not cheap at all. I can understand why the cookie is a bit over $3 but why is the tea so much more expensive than the coffees? Then again, everything in Gastown is around that price point. I should really remind myself of that. Well despite that, I find myself liking the cookie. It’s slightly crumbly and has the classic peanut butteryness to it. Also… it’s massive. The cookie is larger than the size of my hand. The tea on the other hand is just normal. I mean I’m not sure how they could improve loose leaf tea.

Earl Grey Tea & Peanut Butter Cookie

Earl Grey Tea & Peanut Butter Cookie

Pros: Trendy and relaxing atmosphere
Close to transit
Good WiFi and provides quite a lot of seating

Cons: It’s Gastown…it’s not cheap!
Misleading menus/staff which are not knowledgeable of the cafe’s menu
At times, it’s a bit loud so it might not be your go-to place to study
The food isn’t really anything special

So will I be back? Maybe, if I don’t have any other place in mind. The only thing I really like about this place is the atmosphere. Everything else is pretty mediocre. Sorry, I’m not a fan (yet).

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